Me, having a N7 Wimpy milkshake after seeing my knitting crew

Some other ladies at the N7 Wimpy

• Who is Anna Verloren van Themaat

A Cape Town based Stylist and Art Director, I began knitting about a six years ago. To my surprise, people liked what I made. Seeing potential, enjoying every stitch I knitted and every zany idea I was inspired to produce, I grew my evening knitting hobby into a little business called Wolmer. Named after the suburb in Pretoria where I grew up.

Tessa, Frieda, Myrtle, me and Marie

• A uniquely Wolmer work ethic

I have three things needed to create jobs: design, skill and needles. My inspired knitters can knit at home and look after their kids at the same time. This also creates feelings of accomplishment and a new sense of self-worth among these amazing women.

A basket for "The South African House" show by Laureen Roussow

• A feel for design

The way things feel is very important to me. Only the best locally produced, organically dyed, 100% cotton and bamboo yarn is used to create my products. The combination of material and production makes Wolmer a socially responsible brand, leaving behind a better planet for your children.

I handcraft and personally design every item carrying the Wolmer tag, overseeing all the ladies’ knitting. My use of colour, texture, combination stitches and design is contemporary. I keep in mind what makes so many people think of knitting as tired and ugly, so that I can do the opposite. I look at new ways of constructing everyday products with the hope of recontextualising them.



  1. Caroline Mische

    Our daughter Livina Coco loves her alphabet rattler and Nunu felt is guarding her in her playpen. Keep knitting! Lots of love from Frankfurt, Germany
    Caroline, Marc & Livina Coco

  2. Hi Isabella,

    Sorry for the very late reply. I don’t receive notification of messages. Please feel free to contact me annawolmer@gmail.com

  3. Dear Annette,

    I often get asked about my patterns but I don’t sell them, sorry. I sell the final product only. Thanks for the wonderful compliment, very happy that you like it so much.

    Kind regards,

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